Hi you lovely lovely people,

This website here, it’s going to be different than all the others.  You send me your questions, however long you want them to be, don’t worry about how you come off, this is no place for bullies, and this is what this is all about, no bullies.  I want to let you know how bullies think, how deluded they are when they think they are “great”, the whole lot. We are going to CURE YOU together, as best as we can.  If you need to just go on about how your life is in such a mess, this is the place.  If you need to question why the world is such a messed up place, this is the place.  If you need to bare your soul, this is the place.  Bullying is soul rape, plain and simple, and it’s the most popular past time in the world.  And it doesn’t stop when you get into your 20’s those of you who are kids/teenagers, it continues, but gets more subtle, and eventually bullies are not bullies, they are “nice people”, and they blend in together, work together, marry each other, and if you are a victim to bullying in your life, you will know that no bullies actually a bully, it’s something you “did” to bring it on yourself.  There is a lot of crap to get through here and all of your questions are welcome and I will answer as many as I can, the more severe the more important.  We are here to help each other, as humans should.  I had to deal with EVERYTHING on my own, and if I dared to ever speak about what was actually going on I would be looked at like some crazy person, and the longer it went on, the worse I got treated, and when I apologized to someone, when I didn’t even have to, boy, was that a “weak” move on my part.  I was “stupid” for not knowing what was coming.  It’s much scarier for the group to put their arm around the shoulder of the individual than it is for the individual to approach the group.  Apparently that’s the case…  Sound logic…

You are not alone anymore, I will do all I can.  Send your questions to dustybrother101@gmail.com and I will publish the questions I think more people can relate to and answer them accordingly.  If you post one q that people afraid or just depleted of energy can relate to, and lift their spirits even when you don’t know it, that’s the true beauty of the human race right there.  We are going to break all these myths that have crippled us as a society and bring back you people that hurt daily and yearly and unleash you as the individuals you are supposed to be.  I’m rambling on here but what I say is true, and by the way, RAMBLE ALL YOU WANT.  As a society we are bound by all these social “rules” that don’t even exist where we can’t talk about who we are, what is happening to us, things we think about, want to be and want to do.  It takes a lot of WAFFLING sometimes to find that potential, after all, it’s buried there under the waffle that bullying has been hiding behind for years, so it takes as long as it is going to take to get it all out of you.  By the way, that sentence, is KEY to getting over all this stuff.  “Just get over it” is a myth created by abusers to make victims “forget” the abuse.  And every single one of us has fallen for it.  And that’s okay.  Even if you fell for all these things, you DIDN’T “bring it on yourself”.  That has been put in your head, and it is a wildly popular thought, so it must be true, mustn’t it?  It’s dead false, it’s a “myth”.  So the only myths here that are going to be spoken of are the one’s we will shatter together.

It works like this.  You send me questions, and I will post them on here, question word for word and answer accordingly.  You do not have to give your real name, it can be fake, or you can put yourself down as anonymous.  It is STRONG to try and find a solution to your problems.  YOUR PROBLEMS are because of other people, and it is YOUR RIGHT to tell them to F’ off and find solutions.  You will realize you are stronger, and then you will realize that you are truly better than these people.  I have confidence that each and every one of you has the power WITHIN YOU to do all of this yourself, but I know from experience, and from reading other peoples stories and just a general empathy I have always had that someone who can relate can unlock blockades that are in your mind.  We all have a right to be happy, especially those who have not intruded on anyone’s happiness and been labelled a “walkover” or “weak” because of it.  These people are ignorant, and the only reason you don’t know how true it really is, is because the truth is hidden.  We will take back the world that is rightfully our’s, and when you all do, you will know who are really strong and who are really weak 🙂