Question:  David:  Furthermore why can’t people see what effect it has. I remember being at school and being a victim of bullying. The pupils would blame me for it and the teachers refused to believe it was happening in fact some of them joined in which was sick. They would even label me as being ‘screwed up’ or ‘messed up’. A teacher once said to me ‘I do not think you know what’s going on up here’. It was vile nonsense. I left that school and things got better when I did my ‘A’ levels the place I went to was far more positive and had a much better environment.

Why do people think they can bully you and label you with nonsense just for being different. And nothing more.

Answer:  I’ve studied all this to death, and allow me to bestow on you my FLAWLESS LOGIC.

I don’t know how old you are, it doesn’t really matter anyway, bullies will always be bullies. People that have been bullied either deal with the bullying or, guess what, they become bullies themselves.

Bullies, all they believe in is bullshit. Bullies, they will never ever admit that they are bullies. When you are outnumbered, they are ALL bullies. People in “popular” circles are delighted at the amount of friends they have, but it’s all about being in a gang. If you are not “popular”, you are nothing to these people. They are shallow to their core.

Let’s look at things this way. 40% of the world are bullies, 59% of the world are regular people who became bullies so they could be among the bullies, strength in numbers. “Conform”. 1% of the world are the people who question it. Look at it another way that’s about 60 million people in the world, so you’re not alone.

Bullies, this is most people by the way, have very fucked up ideologies. Very fucked up. The truth is, regarding you I’m going to say this “No matter what apparent defect(s) you have, such as sensitivity, if you are fat, if you are shy, if you are “too nice”, YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO BRING THIS BULLYING ON. The BULLY decides to bully. The bully never admits whats they are doing, to themselves or to others, and rationalises it in all sorts of ways, for example “bullying is just a normal part of life”, “He brings it on himself”. This is all total bullshit, The bully is the person who decides to bully, because he/she decides to. “growing up” is another bullying phrase. When you “grow up”, you act like an “adult”. An “adult” is “tough”, and plays dirty when they have to. BULLSHIT. The world is full of bullies, people are proud of their arrogance. The people who prosper in society (in “society”) are the people who emotionally abuse each other and other “weak” (ie. GOOD/STRONG people, who think they are “weak”) and walk away without a care in the world, and if you aren’t “strong” enough, they will eat you up.

I am not some conspiracy theory nut. I was bullied as a teenager. I threw away my values and I had a lot of “friends”. One day, I stopped lying to myself and copped on to how people treated each other, I could no longer ignore how fake it all was. So, I stopped taking part in conversations. NOW, i was always open to conversation, I welcomed it, I would talk honestly about everything. but I eventually started getting bullied again, and I started believing there was stuff wrong with me. This is because I stopped talking about other people when they weren’t there. So, I wasn’t taking part in “conversation” anymore, and I was labelled “ignorant”, “arrogant”, “self absorbed”, “full of myself”, “wierd”, and any kind of negative slur you could imagine (and it would only be said to me when I was by myself against a group of others or behind my back) and I never got an apology. If I bullied you, eventually, probably right away, I would have owned up to that kind of thing. Doing that kind of thing was a “weakness” of mine. And because everyone is telling you you are “weak”, you tend to think that, especially when they claim to be your “friends”. Me apologising to you for abusing you is a STRONG ******* move on my part. But it’s a “weakness” in “the real world”.

“It’s always the victim’s fault” is a stupid *** defense that bullies hide behind. You DO NOT bring on the bullying. The bully CHOOSES to bully. When you are popular, you are CONFIDENT because you are in a gang. As George Carlin says (a hero of mine, someone who actually had the balls to speak truth) “we are barely out of the ******* jungle on this planet”. We are still neanderthals, most of the people here, but people are so deluded that they think they’re advanced. Believe me. I was bullied for years, and it was only ever bad when I didn’t join in with them. Soon as I started looking at myself and all around me I WAS THE ENEMY. Get this. Writing like this, would be seen as “crazy”. If I wrote all this on a public forum, I or had the “audacity” to say this in public, I would be slandered in every possible way. It’s because I’m telling the truth. Bullies don’t like truth. They are insecure people, thats why they bully, and insecurities get unleashed onto each other, if you can handle it, people “like you”, if you can’t handle it, “you deserve it”.

You’re here for you. People don’t like individuality, join up or sink. The problem with us is we don’t have ulterior motives, but bullies do, because they are bullies for a reason – insecurity – games – don’t have to look at themselves so lets pick on the guy with funny ears. Stupid, see?