Question:  Susanna:  For example a victim would say to the other person “be supportive and give me time”, then the other person would do something that indicates he is not supportive, then you get mad and she will go like “you have borderline disorder”. I mean “man, look at yourself, what would cause me to have borderline is because you have been so unsupportive. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, no support and sometimes will randomly throw in some **** that doesn’t even make sense.

Answer:  The world runs on a bunch of bullshit my friend. Instead of saying things simply people make things complicated to adhere to their ego, “look how intelligent I am”. Instead of saying “tell me about your problems and I’ll just listen” instead it goes that you have to deal with this person, with that person, then this other person, then this therapist, then that therapist, now you have to take some meds, now you have to take a different kind of meds, now you have to believe that YOU are the problem, now you have to APOLOGISE to people because YOU are the problem. All it has to take is you saying whatever the hell you are dealing with and me listening to you and putting my ego (which is totally designed with bullshit to always make me the “right” one) aside and VALIDATING the reality of yourself. Instead it has to go in a big circle of bullshit that isnt yours but everyone elses and you end up having severe problems all because no one would listen to you for 5 minutes.

The worls is absolutely full of bullshit. its not just the media and politics, its literally in everyone. “You bring it on yourself” is a bully denial mentality. When you were walking down the street innocently and you were berated with name calling you clearly did not bring it on yourself, but you also “clearly” did, because you werent tough enough, because you look different, because you were MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS, because of this reason and that reason. It’s all a colossal amount of bullshit that is dreamed up that you are expected to adhere to to be “socially acceptable”. 

You do not bring it on yourself. The bully decides to bully. If anyone ignores the bullying, they are being complicit in the bullying. If you try to reach out to someone and they tell you “you bring it on yourself”, they are denying your whole reality, they are whipping things into a big thing that it isnt whatsoever. All bullies live in denial, no bully “bullies”, they are good people, and they will not let you potentially even make themselves question how highly they think of themselves. Bullies believe wholeheartedly in bullshit, so does everyone else, and if you make them question their bullshit, you are the problem. 

You are not meant to question anything. We are supposed to “get over it”. Most people get over it by taking their insecurities out on someone else (bullying) which they live in total denial about ever doing. Bullshit is bad for you, but its REALLY bad for people who have been a victim of bullshit, the world is an insane asylum and the sane people are the ones who are insane. It’s a crime to make someone think about who they really are. I noticed I was being a bully, I knew whoever I picked was my insecurities, and then I stopped it. Ever since then, I have had to deal with a load of bullshit from everyone I knew and have had the hardest moments of my life. I’ve had to play things over in my head over and over and it has hurt me because all the things I want to say are things that could be sorted out in a couple of minutes. Instead, “I don’t know what I’m talking about”. The reason I could be depressed has absolutely nothing to do with the people around me making stories up behind my back and making them into a reality. Absolutely not. I have been told “I have a problem” and when Ive tried to speak about my problems everyone completely denies what I am talking about, I know what my problems have been but “I bring everything on myself”. Aside from that little kind of bullying, which I admitted out of sheer conscience, and mistakenly just assumed that at a certain age people would start looking at themselves and being real, I have done absolutely nothing to nobody. My crime is being depressed, which I “brought on myself”. I didnt bring it on myself, I did absolutely nothing to anybody in my life. And I’ve had to search my mind and ask the hardest questions I never imagined asking myself and remembered that I was always the person I was int he first place and still I am the problem, because I have had my depression held against me all because I couldnt have a 5 minute conversation with people who held being friends over my head and made me think I had to explain myself to them. The only reason I suffered problems is other people, I have always been able to put my ego aside. And that right there, is the issue for most of us. We have always been able to put our ego aside, when people hurt us, it hurts our soul, we don’t set out to get even, we feel things. We put our ego aside, other people DONT put their ego aside. 

It’s real hard to have a brain in this world. Some people think of right and wrong, but most people think right and wrong – the way they see it.