Question:  As I can see being good isnt something normal and in the end all you get is nothing. You are nice, but people try to let down good and nice people. So does it mean you have to be a wolf or other wolves will eat you ?!! 
I am at the point in my life where I am so confused about all world and how to manage to lead a life
I need an advice, please


I’m going to give you different kind of advice.

The world is a big place. Dominated by “bad people”. Not all of them are bad to their core, but they have a lot of bad in them. A person with a glowing reputation might have no guilt about the time she callously looked past a person like they didn’t exist who was only trying to be nice to them. No thought process whatsoever about how they crushed this person, treating someone like they don’t exist is exactly that, crushing. But the person “never did that”, they are a “good person” who would never hurt anybody. “Good people” blank others every day.

There is a lot of bullcrap in this world and in the last year I have started seeing through the bull for what it really is and PROVING how bullshit oriented it really is. I have been FIGHTING, and I’ve been doing it alone. Not fighting as in like all the others, but fighting as in proving its okay to be a good person and moreso, proving that its THE VERY BEST thing to do.

The world is basically opposites. “Truths” such as “nice guys finish last”, that saying/belief is a mantra created by assholes. Being an asshole DISPLAYS HOW STRONG YOU ARE. False. It displays how weak you are. Strength is not screwing over your best friend by making up lies about them so you can get their job, or their wife/husband for yourself. That’s a horrible thing to do, but people justify that thing to themselves all the time. They see it as they were being strong and the person who was there that was affected was being weak. The hardest fight in the world is being a nice person in an unkind world, thats where you get real strength from. It’s a totally against the odd’s fight, and you have to overcome things like “nice guys finish last”, or, if you are mistreated, “you bring it on yourself”. These are “realities” that are enforced that way. These are not realities, they are merely “perception” that is made into reality.

Say I’m someone who was friends with you and you treated me well like a friend should, and then suddenly, I just drop you or take advantage of you. I am going to argue with my very best friend LOGIC as yo why I am the weak person and you are the strong person.

First of all, you. You have been a good friend to me, listened to me (and I likely never shut up about myself, or things I did, heard, seen etc.), even done the odd kind gesture. You see, you were being strong. You were treating me like a human being, and you did not even know you were strong, because you just saw it as the right thing to do, didn’t even think too much about it. You resisted any temptation you might have had to fuck me up in whatever way, or likely didnt even think like that. You saw the reality of me as a human being and gave me that qualities NICE PEOPLE give to others, BASIC HUMAN RESPECT. You don’t even think you are being strong, you just think its a thing you do.

Now me. I have been getting on well with you, no doubt telling you I am really happy to be your friend, then, woop, drop you like a bad habit or do something selfish to betray you. Now, I will make up a whole variety of reasons off the bat to justify myself about what I did to you. Whatever the case, to me, it will be a “it’s not me, it’s you” type of scenario, maybe you’re “too nice”, OR GOD KNOWS what else. This is how it is weak. I had a perfectly good friend, and there was one thing, like “too nice” that I couldn’t handle, and I threw you under the bus. Because of my PERCEPTION, you “deserved” to be ditched/taken advantage of like you were.

So, you were STRONG here, because the whole relationship was you dealing with reality. I was dealing with perception. “Perception is reality” is not true either. This is the way it is thought of though generally, because it happens all the time.

You see, it’s STRONG to view the world with you eyes the way it actually is, people included. It’s WEAK to view the world/people through perception. All the people that screw others over and sleep so guilt free, it’s because they look at people through perception. Nobody ever “brings it on themselves”, but that is a universal truth. Everyone abides by it, this is why bullying has ever stopped, because bullying is the thing that makes the world turn. But no one’s a bully, obviously, they are all “good people”. Victims of bullying never bring it on themselves, instead they are deemed “too nice”, “walkover”, “weak”, which is all perception by the way. Perception is not reality, and here is the proof coming up.

The ego is a curious thing, we all have one. However, alot of people have control over it, or can even totally put it in the background. The problem is, we assume everyone is the same, but they really fucking aren’t. You see, ego is NOT REAL. It doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. It’s not real basically. But “everyone has ego” is a claim people proudly have a quiet laugh about – and that’s all there is to it. There are no questions to ego. Ego deals in PERCEPTION. You and me, I rip you apart in a wolfy way, I justify it by PERCEPTION. You are left shaking your head whats going on, and you are right, that is the REALITY of the situation.

But here’s where it all gets messy. In my act of doing whatever, I justify it to myself for what I have done to you, so I “think” I’m in the right, hence have no guilt. And you think you are in the wrong, even if you know you aren’t, the fact is, you are dealing with all the fallout, dealing with ALL the repercussions. It is ON YOU to become a bastard, it is something YOU DID to end the friendship.

So, you are left dealing with everything, about who you are, the world around you. It’s because this is extremely common.


And it all revolves around ego. Ego is the illusion, that makes perception into reality.

You are a good person. You see what is right and what is wrong. Ego is different, it sees what is right and wrong – the way it WANTS to see it. Most people completely give in to ego as soon as they get a chance, so they operate under this level of “logic”. But this is totally biased logic, and biased logic can not be correct. Your logic, you have probably had the chance to fuck over people a good few times in your life, as have I, but we look through what is right, even if we want to screw this person over, it’s not the right thing to do, and we won’t do it. And too often, we have looked at this as a weakness on our part. Here’s why. But our logic is sound, because it is not in favour of our personal wants/needs.

Ego has biased logic, so it sees what it wants to see,not whats really there. And out of 100 people, 99 subscribe to the exact same thinking, biased thinking. So, that’s a lot of toxic “beliefs”, and the more people that say “this is reality”, the more it becomes a reality, and it is treated as what is true. And this really fucks up the nice people, who think in that sound logic “everyone should just get along”. But that is “weak”. Anything that is not ego initiated, is “weak”.

Ego twists everything that it doesn’t like about itself and makes nice guys win into “nice guys finish last”, this person did nothing to deserve this abuse into “they brought it on themselves”, and so on. And when someone is being obviously bullied, and everyone ignored it, and makes that person who’s the victim into “the bully/disturbing the peace”, that is ego too. Ego is all ignorance, favoring perception instead of reality.

This is how true it all is. And this is why good people are strong, they are not slaves to an imaginary thing called the ego. Always question everything. Being good is the real fight. That’s where the real strength comes from.

The only reason we don’t fight for so long (if ever) is because we are told that we can’t. I got my thoughts swirling and written down on paper and analysing thing, and together through reading about things like how deep and how flawed the ego is I am 100% sure I am right about everything. Ego is borne on ignorance. The only people who have a small one, or none at all, are the good people, and by not letting their ego do everything, they are messed about. And the thing is, the good people, who actually see the world the way it is, are constantly told that they are the problem, they “bring things on themselves”, they are “weak”, with unbelievable confidence that they are the only people who look at themselves. And it’s so wacky, because the people who are looking at themselves are the people who don’t really need to be looking at themselves and the people who should be looking at themselves are just getting other people to do their work.

Whats weak? Whats strong? I was truly fucked up for years. Now I’m better than ever. Always question everything. We can talk about things that are way deeper than acceptable things like “cars” , “movies”, “music”, “sex”, “jobs”, “gossip”, etc. What’s strong? Looking deep into truths you are not “supposed” to, or talking about things that are acceptable that don’t really have any depth to them (they are grand to talk about, but get old fast)

This blog is designed not just to get people over the hump, it is designed to show you how good you can be and how STRONG you already are. Think of all the “successes” you know. Are they doing anything that great? Are they making the world a better place? For themselves surely, but not really for anyone else, apart from others close to them that can provide them some narcissistic gain. I am already making the world a better place, and I have been shit scared about saying that kind of thing for years in fear I sound arrogant, but I know I’m not, I’m trying to help people improve their lives for no gain at all apart from better belief in myself, I am being “that nice guy” that got me screwed over all those times. And I have had people tell me what a great help I’ve been. I’m only fucking helping, this is how distorted things are, one guy told me he didn’t believe in Jesus but he believed in me, because this kind of stuff is so fucking rare. But it’s so fucking easy. Being “this nice guy” led me into alot of trouble, that I blamed myself for for years. Then, I started to use my brain, and start putting together pieces of the puzzle, because, this is my brain. And if I am helping other people (which I only started to believe was a bad thing when it was treated like a “weakness”) that is me BEING STRONG and it doesn’t even feel like it is me being strong, I just give a shit, and am passionate about it, because I don’t see why good people have terrible lives that sometimes end in suicide, jsut because no one would help them out. I was never “too nice”, I was just nice. And same with you good people. You are not good as if it is a bad thing, if anything it’s a positive, but label’s come from ignorant people and ignorance is the reward for giving into ego, so label’s come from ignorance. You are no label, you are just YOU. That alone is strong, and all this other stuff is strong too. It’s about time we shattered the belief systems that are crippling good people, because these “beliefs” are so wrong it is unbelievable.

STRONG PEOPLE have to fight because they don’t attack, even when they want to.