You see, this is why we/they must. The system is wrong, it rewards people who take advantage of the world around them, and hurts people who care about the world around them, this is why sensitivity is considered bad. “Sensitivity” is caring about other people, but it gets turned on its head and the people labelled “sensitive” as a negative end up thinking they are sensitive in a bad way, but I guarantee you that no matter how much they wanted to knock peoples blocks off they knew it was not something they should be doing, and that has now been twisted into “weak” when it was in fact STRONG. “Sensitive” people are those who react aggressively/childishly to things that don’t go their way, who don’t care who is in the cross hairs of their moods. But hurt people are “sensitive” and they get pushed over until they think they are nothing better and it’s a major drawback of who they are. It’s not, it’s just been manipulated into some horrible thing about them that was at the start just an awareness of other peoples right to live a happy life.

Fight inside, “speaking out” against things as you said see’s people become “losers”, and that really destroys who people are/can be. It’s the strength to say things that no one else can say (let alone sometimes even see). But nothings lost, and maybe people can speak up one day, but fighting is also fighting inside, fighting to prove that everyone else was/is wrong and that you are right, despite the overwhelming “evidence” that shows you are a weakling/loser. Fight inside for who you are, become the complete person you were meant to be (and WERE before you became a target), and once you repair the bad shit that has happened to you, get a shield. The majority look at themselves and what the world can do for them, good people look at what they can do for the world around them, and that’s why we hurt, because caring about more than yourself is “crazy” among other things and spoken life it’s fact. It’t not crazy, it’s insightful. I have started this blog because I think people should get some help, no that it’s NOT THEM that’s the problem, cause the whole world will say otherwise. The good people are what the world needs, the people with the ideas. But first things first, they need to repair, learn to trust their vision, who they are, all that. There needs to be repairing before going out into the world with your idea’s, people are shaken to their core and that needs to be respected. So this is selfish, but for a whole other reason, it’s selfish for peoples own good, it doesn’t involve screwing anyone over, just repairing yourself and getting your vision in order. We are all born able to do great things but the world is negative and that seeps through to everyone, and the one’s that hurt the most are the most good, because they won’t fly with what they are “supposed” to do, and are twisted thinking that they are “weak” when in fact they were strong the entire time. If someone wants to really throw away their values right away, they will do it in half a second. I believe people who don’t do this are fighting inside them to prove who they are and what they believe in is right, and that’s enough of a fight, that’s important, because it’s truly David v Goliath stuff happening, and the biggest hurdle to get over is the ignorance because it has been directed onto these people the most, and that is why they struggle and weep, because they are all alone. They are right, but I think it’s time some people told people they were right. There is A LOT of convincing to prove to good people that they are strong and should trust who they are, A LOT, because there is A LOT of excess toxicity that won’t fuck off. So the fight is away from the world first, because it will kill most people. Fight for your own soul, learn to trust it (which you always did and fight for at the moment, but started thinking there was something “wrong” with you for being yourself) again, and fully recouperate. The world will eat you up, and the strongest people get that way because they feel extremely weak, but that’s how you get strong, and it’s also strong to do your own thing and see the world the way you see it. Because we’re all individuals, but people clump up together and the most “successful” are those who take the most important “acceptable” qualities and display them as what we should all be striving for. We are all individuals, and the purpose of this blog is to see why that’s a POSITIVE. But it takes time, because it’s a negative at the moment, so that thinking needs to get out of there, because it was only put there by people who stopped being individuals, because they were afraid of being a “loner” or whatever.

I could go on and on and on, I’m passionate about all this. Ignorance is all from ego, and good people suffer because they know AT A VERY EARLY AGE that they are not the most important person in the universe, and hence are seen as “pushovers” or whatever because they should be this or that. All ignorance creates labels, and all labels are negative. They serve no use, either used to inflate peoples heads or to push people down. Labels are not reality, they are projected on people as if they are fact based on no information whatsoever of who that person really is, but we live in a world where “perception is reality” and labels are seen as dominant reality. There is a lot of muck to clear up, thats the biggest fight, and the problem is people don’t know/think they are “socially allowed” to do it themselves. We don’t need shrinks, we don’t need pills, alcohol or other drugs, we all have this power within us, every single one of us, it’s buried, but it’s there. It’s buried under excess amounts of toxic muck picked up though, so time needs to be taken, because that muck doesn’t want to get off and people love to dispute anything that makes them potentially question themselves or make them wrong. Your best friend is yourself, and your brain is wired to think anyway it can, all the “limitations” are imposed upon by something bigger than us which is scary, and should be respected as a dominant force, but there is so much more to this place than things that are “socially acceptable”. The power of the individual is something that no one else can see, but it is only individuals that make the world a better place, if you said that’s what you wanted to do with your life (and mean it), you would be labelled as a “loon”, and get pigeonholed in that, and degenerate further and further into purgatory. People are stupid for shitting on other peoples personalities, and the cream will rise to the top, but most of it gets buried under the toxicity, and that’s why I’m doing this, because I know how damn tragic it can be. But it doesn’t have to be, but you have to fight inside for your visions that you were told to “grow up” out of. Even the most successful people are miserable, a happy person won’t treat others like accessories, and they are the one’s abused the most and told to “toughen up”. I’m here to help wipe away the muck. This is me being strong, and it’s just giving a shit about other human beings, it’s only strong because very few people do it, or even if they want to do it have the energy/bravery to do it, because “this is all wrong” obviously. But we can think and do anything we want with these lovely brains of ours and our unique souls, but the big trick is realizing that the soul is the right thing and the ego is the wrong thing, but the ego has a hold over the world and it’s people so what’s right is turned to “wrong”, and vice versa. I’m only here because some people won’t know they can fight “truth”.

Fight inside first.  You are already doing it, but you think there is something wrong with you.  You have to fight to prove there isn’t something wrong with you, and that in fact, it is right what you are fighting for.  You don’t have to bring it into the outside world, but there’s a part of me that thinks you do, I certainly do, and will, but even I am not firing on all cylinders.  There is still stuff to be done, but I’ve been fighting in argument OF MYSELF for the last year now and here is the funny thing, I realize I’m the same person I was before other people started telling me who I was.  And that’s why I realize I’m strong, because I’ve been fighting all along (even when I thought my ideals were just pipe dreams, as many of you who come across this are thinking right now), and fighting to be myself in a world where no one is themselves, and they actively protest you doing anything like this, are all against you, because they don’t like what they can’t do.  You lose the battle for years, but then you realize, the battle you are fighting against is bullshit, 100% total bullshit, that’s reality because everyone says it is.  It’s a big form of gaslighting to overcome, but this is why you are smart, because you know that it’s wrong, and you are strong because you don’t use it as an excuse to abuse others.  It’s all within you.  Take your time, you have years of excess bullshit to wipe away from you.