EEK!!!  SENSITIVITY.  That “terrible” thing that we all are.  EEK!

The whole blog here is to tell you what is RIGHT with you as opposed to what is WRONG with you, and I don’t get questions all the time, I put them up because I know people can relate to them but I have an awful lot more opinions on things that I KNOW are correct and I want to spread around.  A big point of all of these is SENSITIVITY.  Why it is GOOD.  Because all you hear is “awww.  Be nice to this person, they’re sensitive”, or “you’re too sensitive”.  So here we go with sensitivity.

Sensitivity, is an awareness of the world that you have that not alot of other people have.  A PLUS.  It doesn’t matter if you have been made to be sensitive because of bullying, or you were bullied for being “too sensitive”, the fact of the matter is you are sensitive.  THAT is a GOOD thing.  So I’ll stop telling you how good it is, and start to reason why it is such a good thing.  Remember, I think I said this in my last post, the enemy of ego (powered by ignorance beyond “me and what I can use for me”) is logic.  Everything can be proved with logic, and when the logic is overwhelmed by ego, and has to wipe through it (slowly), you come to learn your logic is right, because it is trial by error, you want your views “the world is crazy” but you have to put them against the views of things like “maybe I am TOO sensitive”.  So when you get things in your favour, you know you did it the right way, because you gave full objectivity to what you want to hear.

So, sensitivity is an awareness of the world.  Not just you, though you are, you are aware of things beyond you.  Everyone is sensitive.  The most dangerous people who “warp” the views of the world and enforce these as true by “proof” of popularity (i.e. strength by numbers) are the people who react in “acceptable” ways to things.  They are the most sensitive.  You are just sensitive of the sensitive out there.  You are sensitive too, but the real real sensitive, they are the people you can’t ask for the time without getting a dose of negativity from them.  Or the ones who abuse you and “think” they are the ones who have been abused, when you try and reason with LOGIC, they play the victim, if they don’t put a guilt trip on you, they ACT like you have done something to them, the way they see things is you have “brought things on yourself”.  They are totally innocent in their own frame of mind.  And then when you have a real real problem with how you have been treated, and are scared to fight back, or just have some ideal that you wish there didn’t have to be any fighting, you are “too sensitive”.  The most sensitive people on this planet are the people who attack attack attack, and then act like they have done nothing wrong.  They are sensitive to the fucking truth, and it has gotten out of hand.

You people are sensitive too, but you are “sensitive” as if it is all who you are.  You are you.  You are not any label.  Yes you are sensitive, but the hilarity (when you start to see it, it isn’t funny until you can see it) of the world is that the people who are labeled as the most sensitive are the only people who are sensitive in a GOOD WAY, the people who throw around labels to make you think you are something terrible ARE sensitive, but in a totally vitrolic way.  You are the good sensitive, the bad sensitive are in denial of being sensitive, and will “prove” they aren’t by hurling it as some kind of terrible thing (it is “terrible” because these overly sensitive misfits secretly hate it about themselves, they have and likely will spend all their lives covering up something seen as “weak”, unaware of the damage it makes the STRONG people, who can admit it, go through) to others.

There are two things in this world.  ONE:  EGO ; TWO:  SOUL.  Ego basically wants all soul dead, unless it can USE IT to look like it has soul.  

Soul just wants people to get along.  Soul is “too sensitive”, and is labeled as such as if they are muck, and ego is “totally not sensitive, no, no… definitely not… definitely not…” .  People with GENUINE SOUL, a big big part of that is the sensitivity they use.  It is AWARENESS, or heightened perception you could say.  IT IS A GOOD THING.  You can see things others can’t.  The only reason “you can’t” is because people who chose a long time ago to follow their ego say “you can’t”.  Because ego only sees what it wants to see.  You see what you don’t want to see, and ego is so full of lust and jealousy that it could not stand anyone being better than it.  There are two types of humans.  1.  Soul humans.  and 2.  Ego humans.  And ego humans have strength in numbers.  And are brilliant at faking that they have soul.  I would like to think they do have a bit of soul, but I have had a hard time finding a human who seems to care about things even as close to me.  I am “too sensitive”.  It is only in the last year I have started working through a lot of things, and it was important to stop listening to what the ego was “telling” me to listen to.  That’s the thing.  Ego owns things like the media, and the souls of the people who follow every fad that is out there, things like schools you grew up being educated in, and a multitude of other things.  Its “cool” to make appearances, it’s social suicide to have a conscience.  Because ego, ego doesn’t have a conscience.  Ego’s whole deal is “all that matters is me”, and that is the basis that drives “successful” humans.  I’m not just doing this to help people recover, I’m doing it to show the “successful” what successful really is.  You do it without ego.  That thing you “have” to have to be “happy”.

As I said, sensitivity is the thing that allows you to have a conscience, that thing that makes you aware at your very base that other people do exist, that makes you compassionate, makes you want to just get along with people, makes you empathetic instead of apathetic, makes you see things that other people can’t see, makes you value real human life, beyond your own.  So when these amazing qualities are stamped on, you feel like you have been violated, and you have.  But you “asked for it”, because of “how you are” or some stupid shit like that.  So you, being down in the dumps, feeling like absolute shit, even hating yourself, you are told “every human is responsible for what happens to them”.  The problem is, this pearl of wisdom comes from ego, and is IGNORANT (this is the power of ego, hence also it’s weakness, because this is biased in its favour) to the entire of existence of people who don’t subscribe to that ridiculous “logic”.  Every human is responsible, but the people who don’t “think” they are sensitive because they hide it behind a ridiculous facade make the people in touch with their sensitivity think that they are totally responsible for everything in their lives.  You are, but you have an awareness of the whole fucking world that you are told you are “wrong” for having and “wrong” for getting upset when you are lashed out at with the sensitivity of these others who propogate a myth that “nice guys finish last/you have to be an asshole to succeed”.

You people are the BRILLIANT members of the human race, you have a sensitivity which enables you to see things, and you can’t help but see the bad things, and you can’t help but think the bad things “aren’t really there” because you are told you are imagining things and your “problem” is that you aren’t tough enough.  This is not your problem, it is one of your biggest strengths.  You are able to live in a world where people fuck each other up and think absolutely nothing of it if they aren’t the victim in the piece and these morons in ABSOLUTE DENIAL aren’t able to live in a world if someone has a better car than they happen to have.  And they feel “strong” when they have a better car than this other person, and love to show how much better they are, but of course, “it’s all in your head”.  Weak is psychologically abusing each other over menial little things and hiding behind an ideal like “that’s life”.  Strong is not doing that.  And the only reason you think you are weak, is because you are told you are weak by a truthfully very dominant force called ego that people live for.  These people think they live life to enjoy, but they’re living for their fucking ego, and one day, it is going to slap them across the face when they finally do some thinking.  This will be your revenge, because by the time they finally do some thinking (I’m talking about REAL thinking), they will be lost, and pissed off because they won’t know what to do.  You have already been doing some REAL thinking, but you are “sensitive” because you are the only people doing it in the first place.  And you are made to feel really bad for being sensitive (and remember, you have been made to feel sensitive like it is some badge you are forced to wear until you “grow up”, because you were sensitive in the first place, and not in denial of it) when the absolute truth is it is the best thing you could be.  But you fail to see it, even a glimmer of why this is such a good thing, because you are told in nearly every platform that “you should be there, instead of being here”.  You should be more of an asshole, instead of being “too nice”.  Look at all you can “get”.  You are only interested in real things, like a soulmate (which has been beaten out of you), doing something amazing (which has been beaten out of you), wanting a better world (which is “delusional” of you to think about), or whatever dreams you have that make you “crazy”.  We are in a world that doesn’t value soul.  Unless it can be exploited for ego purposes.  Soul makes you the good kind of sensitive.  Ego makes you the bad kind of sensitive, the kind of sensitive that laughs at soul and twists it into a million different things until you “grow up”.  

Your sensitivity is only such a bad thing because everyone who has pointed it out like a virus that you are infested with could only DREAM of being in touch with, or even having the sensitivity you are in possession of.  Everybody looks alike.  Because they follow ego, and would be DEADLY FRIGHTENED of not looking alike, yet think of themselves as dynamic individuals, and their denial is that they believe this to their very core.  That is the danger, because people with ego “think” they’re good people, and you are horrible for seeing people as they really are, the best defense is to make you think you’re crazy, for being sensitive and for ever having an opinion.  But that is also the solution.  These people “think” they are who they are.  When they have a mid life crisis, they will be lost because they won’t have a fucking clue who they are.  You will though, but not until you start realizing you ARE NOT who you have been labeled as.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I know you do.  You have forgotten many things, but you started to forget those things when you were TOLD you had to be ashamed of being so sensitive.  It’s like a cancer in this world, sensitivity.  The most beautiful thing of humans, an awareness of the world as it is.  But the only accepted sensitivity is the sensitivity that “isn’t” sensitivity, can come out in bullying (slanderous especially), violence, rape, murder, kidnapping, any way that is bad.  And every single one of these people who do these things, “of course is not” sensitive, you shouldn’t have been so “sensitive” i.e. a “target”.  You shouldn’t have done that.  The sensitivity that doesn’t destroy other humans, is a big fucking strength.  But we have all thought for years it is something terrible about us, that eats away at us, at how “weak” we are.  It is our BIGGEST strength.  By a mile.  So I don’t just want people to recover from the tidal wave of abuse that has happened to them thus they have directed onto themselves, I want people to be the absolute best they can be, and KNOW they can be.  This is recovery first, I want you to recover.  Whay you are “going to do”, until you stop getting that wrapped up in everything else, I don’t want you to think about that.  Take it from me, it isn’t that easy, but I want to remember the most important thing in your life is to find out who you are, because who you really are has been manipulated into thinking you’re pathetic, and it is the total opposite, and the people who don’t think they are pathetic, that is so unbelievably the opposite as well.  That is only unbelievable right now because you have been told such a thought would be unbelievable in the first place.  Everything bad you have been through, you have been “told” you brought it on yourself, by being too sensitive or something that projects blame away from the abuser onto you.  And that is how ego does ALL ALL ALL of its damage.  It projects what it fears deep deep down about itself onto others.  Everything you have been told you are and how you deserve it (and even if you have not been verbally told, the very act of offenses carried the implication of “you deserve this”) is a BIG FAT LIE.  And most people believe in the lie.  But not sensitive people, out of being humbled or just plain humble in the first place (which is another “terrible” quality of yours.  Nope, it’s not anywhere close to terrible), you are TOLD to believe the lie, and told in as many ways as you can, guilt trips, manipulation, gaslighting, to BELIEVE in the lie.  Everyone else believes in the lie, and that is how fucked up they really are.  You don’t believe in the lie, that is why you are hurting, because you are told that you are not “coping with reality” or whatever.  If you believe in the lie, you will be “happy”.  If you really want to be happy, be who you are, but find out who you are, find out who you are against (and it is not you with the problem, people who live for their EGO created the problems, ego creates ALL problems on this planet), find out why you are better than those you are against, and become happy, and not following the insane game of people who need new “things, things and more things” and screw over people because “they shouldn’t have been there” (it is never because “I’m a piece of shit”, it is always “they did it”) so they can attain their “happiness”.  These people will never be happy, because they live in a game world where everyone and everything is interchangeable and the bullshit themselves that they are happy as often as they can, and love to show people how happy they are as often as they can.  It’s a big fucking game, and these children don’t even have any guilt over the lives they destroy of people who don’t play the same rules they play with, or because they are wearing different shirts.  YOU ARE FAR BETTER THAN THESE PEOPLE.  But first of all, you have to recover from the abuse (that you are obviously “blowing out of proportion”… yeah obviously… couldn’t have anything to do with any of us.  These people are too sensitive… yeah…. that must be it…).  That is the first thing you have to do.  It is YOUR RIGHT as a human being to recover from, and then spend as much time as you need to recover from.  It is YOUR RIGHT.  To do it however the hell you want to as well.  I know the only hate you people have in you has been implanted from the world around you, that’s why you got bullied in the first place, and always have, because you didn’t have any hate.  All the hate you have had, you have struggled with, because it isn’t yours.  You only hold onto it because it was given to you.  Get over EVERYTHING, and then decide how you can own your world again.  Because you will, no matter how many times you have stumbled, you are strong from stumbling and still going, you are strong because you have been told you are weak but you are still going, you are strong because you are SENSITIVE to the fact that human beings have things known as rights.  You are beautiful, and I love you all!!!