People treat good people like murderers. They treat other people like murderers too, but they treat good people like the biggest murderers of all.

They enforce a sentence on them, and get “offended” at any dismay, self defense, or depression that comes from it. They get “offended” at the very honest assessment from someone that they think they are depressed. People “think” they get depressed when they don’t get something they want. They see people who are depressed as just people who can’t get over not getting what they want. So the people who are actually depressed (and it is always the very best people earlier on in life) start to THINK that they are depressed because they fall into these categories. They aren’t depressed because of the world around them or the things that have happened to them, no, they are depressed because they aren’t as “great” as they think that they are. You get depressed because of the whole world, not because of a “chemical imbalance in your brain”, or not being happy with where you are, you get depressed because of the bonkers world around you that makes you get more depressed because it makes you think that you are the problem. YOU AREN’T THE PROBLEM.

The world is nuts, and the people who aren’t depressed, think people are just depressed because they only see things through their own point of view. And the fact that most of the world shares the exact same point of view, is proof of how dumb people really really are. I am sick of doubting what I know, what I have found out, everything I have thought of, I have LINKED everything together, I didn’t just decide “the world is nuts”, I have linked things up with absolute full thought given to every single thought I’ve ever had about the world. I’m sick of being “wrong” just because everyone else “thinks” they are right. If everyone is right, why is the world such a garbage dump? Because “that’s just the way it is”. What insane, obtuse thinking. And the insane thinking is the sane thinking? There is so much to get over, and if I said any of this publically in view of the world, I’d be put on the happy pills until I get “better”.

Listen people, you are depressed, for, get this? A REASON. What “insane” kind of thinking is this? Could we be actually thinking for A REASON. Call the white coats, quick, I’m obviously insane. I have said that theory once, twice or maybe more times in my life, and I have been met by stone cold silence. No discussion, no other opinions. Absolute silence. Then when I see these people (and the other people they tell) I have some kind of “vibe” around me (a negative vibe) that is something that I obviously am the person who created.

They say ego is the battle between ego and soul, and I could get VERY DEEP into that theory and prove it, but I think I’ve done enough proof based thinking, I could prove it, but I would rather speak in human for a while. I only ever had to go to such intense logical thinking because I had no other choice. The fact that so many many things are just “not on” to say in interactions between HUMAN BEINGS (supposedly), has made me go to the logical depths of my mind to prove stuff. But the thing that “humans” have done to me is make me think I am not human. I think I have proved to myself what kind of human I am and what kind of human other people generally are. I could not even say that last sentence anywhere without appearing with some kind of image attached to me. The REASON images are attached, and connected with labels, is because the people who CREATE all of this stuff, they are not people, they are IMAGE.
You see, The ego creates a thing called IMAGE for a person. If you have an image, you will be the coolest cat in the world. You will hang out with all of the other coolest cats in the world. People who want to be more like the coolest cat in the world, will start changing WHO THEY REALLY ARE so they can be more like the coolest cat in the world. Alot of people will start to hate themselves for not being the coolest cat in the world, thus, if you can’t beat them, (kind of) join them. they will create another image to follow, some may become goth or emo, hipsters, rockers, party people, gym heads, some will become skaterboarders (you can’t just like skateboarding, you have to “look” like a skateboarder), surfers, neo nazis, art enthusiasts (don’t just like art, they “show” how much they like art), rugby player, football player, soccer player (all these, if done well, come with an IMAGE, even if not done well, IMAGE is present, but a sad, pathetic, jealous, envious one. If you are not any of these things, people will DECIDE you must/are be these things), basketball player, darts player, nightclub bouncer, office worker, bartender (will feel insecure eventually, because they are “just” a bartender, after enough people DEFINE this person by his/her job until they give in and get a “proper” job), military person, politician, gangsters, doctors, I could go on forever and list everything. Even things like living up to the image as a shopaholic.

Eventually, when people “grow up”, they start to become more and more alike, a guy who is now a gym nut totally banishes the fact that he was a rocker with long messy hair from his youth. It “never happened” as far as he was concerned. Moreso, it isn’t “who he is”. The fact was, it was WHO HE WAS, but he doesn’t give it any thought. The best people who deal with having an image, are able to slide away, like it meant nothing to them.  It helped him live a stage of his life. Until he broke away from his rocker metal head friends and became friends with a bunch of jocks. He now thinks he’s “better” than the one guy who has always remained a rocker. He thought he was “better” when he could grow his hair longer than this guy when he was a teenager and he thinks he is “better” now for “growing up”. If they see each other, they are still on good terms, but there is a clear divide, and they both know it. And they guy who remained a rocker, he’s obviously just “bitter” that the other guy has moved ahead in life. And this rocker guy genuinely thinks he is bitter, because it is “obviously” the reason why he is so far behind.

IMAGE is not real. It is an ILLUSION created by our egos. People cope with it, by living up to their image, furthering their image, branching their image into new directions, they do everything that this image tells them to. When people “think” they get depressed, they buy things like new tvs, new cars, get makeovers, get a new boyfriend or girlfriend, have an affair or affairs, get a new house, get a new job, get a new “image”, put on more muscle, start drinking or if you already drink start drinking more, do drugs or more drugs, get new “friends”, hell, even do the popular thing, bully. Because the great thing about bullying, if you are a bully, you get to let your image convince you that you “aren’t” a bully. You are a good person. Your IMAGE has done a lot to “prove” you are, by showing you all the things you have. Image is the one big bull story in the world. Everyone is nasty and underhanded not because they really are (though some actually are), but because they have an IMAGE to maintain. It is kill or be killed. If you kill, you can convince yourself it was necessary to do so. You can trick yourself into believing anything that makes you sleep well at night. That is the beauty of image. It is an illusion that makes perception into reality, undisputed reality. And you can not be crazy, because the vast majority of the world is totally in on it. And the best way to be sure that you are right, is to ‘convince’ yourself that you are right. Nobody who smears other people, be it friends, strangers, or as they tell themselves “easy targets” is a bad person, they are a “good” person. As the victim of smearing, because my big offense was I was “too nice”, and then it degenerating into all sorts of things I was labeled as, I know how damn hard living with smearing is, and the biggest most dsgusting hurdle is people genuinely don’t think they smeared you. They GENUINELY think that “you brought it on yourself”.

So the real problem with depression, is ego v soul. Your soul is who you are. As soon as you stop being who you are, that is when depression starts. When you start to feel that deep confusion, you could not be thinking for a reason? You need to clearly do something for your image. The solution is YOU, but from school onwards, you start feeling like there is something wrong with you when bullies intervene. If you fight back, you start defining yourself as “the person who fought back”, and that is a whole new image in itself. Bullies create image, and they deal with their insecurity by making people create images for themselves, because if you have an image, you can fit in with a pack, and if you are in with a pack, you are “safe”. But people don’t think of themselves as safe, they think of themselves as hot shit the more it works out for them.

You see, when you are depressed, the ONLY SOLUTION that you think you have, is IMAGE ENHANCEMENT. You must be depressed because of how you appear in your life. You are. But you are depressed about far more than that. You are depressed because of WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Most people deal with being depressed in this world of depression by pointing out others.  It is an unwritten code, singling out others.  It isn’t bullying, because enough people DECIDE it isn’t bullying.  You get power by making someone else look powerless, everything is “obviously” alright.  The only way you think depression is going to be cured is by doing something about your image. And how can you not think that, the entire image dominated world is telling you that you have to do something about your image. You “shouldn’t” be depressed for starters. That is a BAD IMAGE for you. It certainly isn’t the image you want anyway, but instead of finding out about THE REAL YOU, you get people who feel put out over how your depression/sadness is really deep down ALL ABOUT THEM (Ego creates image remember. Even creates image of someone being a kind person. IMAGE MUST BE PROTECTED FROM EVER QUESTIONING ITSELF AT ALL TIMES), who LOVE to give you advice, health care professionals who keep asking you the wrong questions or putting you on medication. The image is “they are the doctor, therefore, have the knowledge”. You are told the problem lies within. This is true. But instead of finding the real problem that lies within (a clue, it is also within but within is affected from outside, how “insane” a thought), you are told to “get over it”, and psychologists start showing impatience depending on the psychologist, and it is held AGAINST YOU for being such a bad patient. There are good psychologists, but if they can’t reign in their ego (and i reckon only 1% of the planet, all professions, CAN’T DO THAT, some “think” they can and are “proud” of it, but they really can’t), they are absolutely destructive.