So, the last post.  Kind of an introduction piece, I am trying to keep these posts relatively short so the information doesn’t overwhelm so much, because when you feel fucked up, it is very easy to be overwhelmed.  And even if you don’t get overwhelmed, your overall situations overwhelm you anyway and you likely forget everything.

So if you look at my title, I seem to have separated these two types of people.

If it is right to be insensitive, why do you have to be insecure about yourself?

If it is wrong to be sensitive, why is it a bad thing to be secure in yourself not to “play the game” at the expense of others?

You say these two questions, back to back, or once at a time to any “normal” person, I guarantee, the question goes over their head.  And if it doesn’t, ATTACK!  ATTACK!  ATTACK!

I seem to have found a link here.  As in all genius like things in life, the simplest links are the right answer.  With all the very in depth psychological proof I have found of all other humans, I am very comfortable with this link I have found, and don’t feel any worry telling people this is correct.  A calm came over me this morning.  I feel like all my work, which was made extremely hard because of the serial bullies “that of course weren’t bullies” in my life made extremely hard, has now come off.  My very simple, hence, incredibly stupid and retarded viewpoint, “why can’t we all just get along?”, has now been verified, I am very comfortable with it.  And the absolute great thing, that you can all relate to, and the thing you all believe in your gut but “is obviously delusional”, is that I have proved the fuckers wrong.  Sorry about the language, but sometimes you have to call them what they are.

So now that I am comfortable in my personal journey ending, I am more than comfortable in any information I give out here.  Let’s just say I feel bulletproof, this is good.  My goal with this site is to HELP (all I am doing is helping, YOU do ALL THE WORK, and get ALL THE CREDIT) you recover who you really are, but not just that, to make you feel bulletproof too.  You will be, with hard work, belief, defiance, and most importantly of all, getting rid of all of those blockades that make you block your soul, and alot of those blockades come from outside where people “tell” you what you have to be.  Anyone who thinks they have any idea who you should be or what you should be, that s their EGO.  That projects off onto their mad thoughts of thinking they have some kind of valid ownership on who you are into your thoughts, and you keep those thoughts inside, as if they are your own.  THESE THOUGHTS, they block your soul.  Your soul is the key to everything.  And it is individual from the rest of the world, and the rest of the world are not happy with the idea of your soul being free, if they were, they would have left it alone all these years.  And if they had any remorse, they would have apologized and encouraged your soul to come out.  They only do it when they want something, very few if any want it to express itself.  Or to be accurate, YOU to express yourself.

It is never going to happen.

Only SECURE/SENSITIVE PEOPLE care, you see, I am secure that if you achieved something that a)  it is your life, b)  that I would be HAPPY, elated, that you were happy, c)  I would not only be happy for your success, I would GLADLY help you achieve further success.

You see, because I am secure, no matter what you achieve, if I am begging on the street and living off scraps, and you are a millionaire, I will be HAPPY for you.  I would only be upset if you were a d head, but if you were a good person, I would wish you no ill will whatsoever.

I am sensitive, because I CARE what you are going through, I CARE about your personal journeys, I CARE about WHO YOU REALLY ARE, as opposed to the things that “prove” you are who you are.  How is sensitivity and security a bad thing really?  No jealousy, no hate!

Let’s look at the other viewpoint.

a)  It is your life – This is true, but how does this relate to me?  Like, I’m “happy” as long as you are happy, but, if I was you (I’m just saying, don’t get “sensitive”), I would do things like this.  I don’t know why you would do things the way you did.  I “love” you, but I only say this “out of love”.  If I was you, I would have taken a different approach in life altogether.  Why are you getting upset?  You’re so sensitive sometimes.

It is simple.  It is YOUR life.  I can’t handle that, even if it is going great or not so great, I have to interject with my “opinions”.  I could shatter your world, but hey, “I’m just giving me opinion”.  It’s YOUR FAULT for getting so upset, you shouldn’t be so sensitive.  So, it is simply your life, a secure/sensitive person knows this.  An insecure/insensitive person, they will make something very very simple that it is you who owns your life into all things about them, and it gets blown up and blown up.  And if they say “It’s your life”, it is almost always in a negative tone, were they get upset, because they were only “trying to help”.  One of many subtle guilt trips that play havoc on the mind, at the time, and down the line throughout your life.

b)  I would be happy if you were happy, but, why do you get to be happy?  I’ll let you have your day, but this can’t go on too long.  “Of course” I want you to be happy, “of course” I do, but some people aren’t all happy don’t you know?  Do you ever think about others?  I “am” happy for you, but I wish I was a bit happier.  I WISH IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME.

c)  If I was “happy” for your success, to your face I would be happy, behind your back, old friend jealousy will come out.  As for you achieving any further success?  I would be “soooooo” happy to see that happen for you.  But there is a limit.  Honestly, right now, I think you’re close to breaking that limit as it is.  “Of course” I am happy for you, I “love” you and you are my “friend/partner/child”, but…. there’s a limit.

I put things in quotations because I highlight what certain people are REALLY saying.

Secure/Sensitive people, they are aware you are your own person, and if you knew more or any of these people in the first place your world would be VASTLY DIFFERENT.  But hey, mourn whatever you didn’t have all you want, but we are the kinds of people who are kept down and labeled negatively as “sensitive” and totally insanely pot calling kettle black “insecure” by these “people”.  These insensitive (and fiercely proud of it, unless they can make an image out of “having a sensitive side” – the fake ones are the most dangerous, because they are the biggest deceivers) people have convinced themselves they are “secure”.  WHY THE HELL DO THEY TRY AND MAKE OTHER PEOPLE FEEL INSECURE THEN?  Secure, happy people, there is no need to impune on anyones personal happiness, seeing that would instead bring great joy.

So, people, you are the SECURE one’s, you just “think” you are insecure because the real insecure people couldn’t deal with any of their feeble negativities and threw them at you instead.  And the best way to convince yourself of anything in this world, is to “believe” that you are a certain person.  So these insecure people “believe” that they are really the secure people.  The secure people, spend most of their lives wrecking their brain trying to figure things out, and “think” they are the insecure ones because the act that is MASTERFUL from the opposition who “think” that they are TOTALLY NOT INSECURE is amazing.

We only ever thought we were insecure because these deluded insecure idiots REALLY THINK they are secure.  If sensitive/secure people were as commonplace as they apparently are, we would not have ANY problems in this world at all.  All the problems would come from insecure idiots.  As they do now, and always have.

When someone kills themselves because of bullying, it is nothing to do with anyone else.  These insecure fools all over the world do not realize IT IS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THEM.  But no, the person was “disturbed” or whatever, or the classic, “couldn’t handle the world”.  Yep, they couldn’t handle the world because it is filled with a giant amount of insecure morons who are morons because they REALLY THINK they are secure people.  They are idiots because THEY THINK they aren’t idiots.

So guys, you are by far and away not the problem.  You do have to recover to see all of this stuff, if you were an idiot you could go “of course” and just believe you’re The Shit.  We have more thinking to do.  We have to slide away the pollution that we have been dealing with all or most of our lives.  It all takes time.  So all those idiots who are SO SECURE that they show it by being at staggering levels of insecurity will keep running around insecure, thinking life is a game.  You have all the time to get over everything, you do it how you want, you only “think” you are running out of time because everyone else “thinks” they are in a game 😉