Question:  I need a new life. I’ve lost everything, and I am breaking into pieces. All I need is a new life so I can work hard for and save money to do what matters (To build a completely off-the-grid food-house, shelter & orphanage in India, Africa & the Middle East). Please guide me. I have some savings, enough to travel anywhere in the world. All I ask for is a little guidance away from my life right now. Please help me… Please guide me…. 😦


Answer:  You are going through the storm now Ravin. The reason we go through the storm is so we can come out of it a new person. You are not ready to come out of it yet, you have to find out “why” you are in the storm in the first place. You know what your vision is, and those with vision and especially one beyond their own means can attain and even exceed that vision, but you have to let go of the things that are making that vision such a burden on your shoulders.

There are a few things I need you to know about what are holding you down. Pressure. This is imaginary. You are under extreme pressure, not only of your own accord, if you mention what you want to do to anyone THAT is pressure, the pressure of your vision, the pressure of where you are and what you have been through to bring you to where you are now. Pressure doesn’t really exist. It is CREATED by human beings. You have to get rid of that pressure, because it really isn’t the thing that will help you out. It has already put a hunger in your stomach, you have the desire, but from here on out, pressure isn’t going to help you, it will just hinder you. This is hard, very hard to shake, because pressure comes from every human being. Stop listening to other human beings regarding who you are, and what you’re going to do. All that does is create pressure, and it creates pressure because unfortunately every interaction with humans becomes loaded with pressure. Stress is what you feel from pressure, pressure doesn’t actuall exist. I say this because I can back it up with this: You have as long as it needs to get yourself in order.

There isn’t any rush on things. Life is not short, it is actually very very long. For someone to say such a thing sounds very morbid. But it isn’t, life is short is actually very very morbid, and I’ll explain why. Life is short, which is among a bunch of “inspirational” lingo, inspires you to ust get over it, get off your ar$e, take the initiative, put your problems behind you and live a happy and successful life. This works for people who haven’t had to deal with any real problems, people who have had it easy. Most people have had it easy, people say “everyone has problems” but it isn’t true. People who have had REAL problems, they feel like their lives are totally ruined, crushed, irreparable. They cry out for help, and no one listens, people actually hold it against them and make them feel like they are an egomaniac who is doing something wrong. People who have had REAL problems understand just how fragile people are. We realize that of course lots of people have problems, but that doesn’t mean that you should feel guilty about having problems yourself. We wouldn’t ever hold that kind of stuff against anyone, because that makes people feel like they are terrible for having problems. Most people have “shallow people problems”, they walk around with a negative attitude but “think” they are positive, they are the kinds of people who say that everyone has problems. They don’t have any problems, just a bunch of shallow people problems and some times were there were bigger REAL ones, but not real enough that it ripped them totally apart. If you ever felt ripped apart JUST ONCE, you wouldn’t hinder, but help instead. But anyway, these inspirational messages enlighten the shallow minded, because they don’t have to think about anything beyond themselves, and even having people in their lives, that doesn’t mean they aren’t shallow. Most people are, an overwhelming amount, and they go silent and talk behind peoples backs at the slightest hint of anything that is hurting their “perfect world” i.e. a human in their circle that has REAL problems. These are shallow people problems, when they make problems out of absolutely nothing, and use these problems as an excuse to be all sh!tty, and they are in the majority.

I tell you this not to scare you, but to let you that most people are extremely shallow, and that is negativity because it is ignorant to things outside of their world. I bet people rolled their eyes when you said you wanted to build a shelter and orphanage? Or you fear they would? This is you talking about something REAL, and this constitutes a “shallow people problem”, if you were to succeed in building these things, this would feel like some kind of REAL problem to these people. The fact that you reached your dreams, and maybe exceeded them, this is an issue to them. Of course, they deny this to themselves, they twist things to suit their biased point of view, and would label you a lunatic. These people don’t have any kinds of problems, but I bet they walk around with a swagger and a sense of entitlement. Human beings are entitled to respect and dignity, we aren’t entitled to sh”t on other peoples happiness. Yet everyone does. So this is why I talk about “everyone else”. The reason you go through the storm is to learn how you are not like everyone else, that you are not crazy, that you can not only do the things you want to do but do them even better than you ever thought you could.

We are humans and we can do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in the whole entire world. Yet instead of encouraging this, we spread bullsh!t, convince ourselves that it isn’t bullsh!t and label things that say otherwise as “bullsh!t”, and we probe this, by attacking the person, and not the idea. Or attacking the idea venomously so we can hurt the person.

So, I believe in you, I will send a link to my blog. I have linked many things together and I know who’s good and who’s bad, and read this when you have a chance. And question everything you read, I think Im 100% accurate but you have different experiences and have to relate those experiences to what I say. But importantly, more importantly than anything, and this isn’t just good for your overall health but this is good for reaching your dreams (you need to love yourself and give yourself belief before you can properly love others and give them belief) – REST!!!!!!!!! Whatever you have to do for money, you have to do that. That is the world we live in, money plays a big role in keeping you secure and safe. We can’t do anything about that. But apart from that, REST. Remember, life isn’t short, it is very very long. I didn’t finish that thought before but life is short is a romantic notion at best, life is not very short, let’s say you are 20, and you live until you are 80, life is short inspires either great action in people but these people are not weighed down by problems, and inspires only these people, it terrorizes people who “should” be better and is entirely the wrong advice, life is as long as it has to be to solve all of your problems and then make life a success. If you are 20, that means you have been alive 7,300 days. If you live until you are 80, that means you have in full 29,200 days to live. This means you have another 21,900 days to fix absolutely everything and make everything exactly how you want it to be – or even better. This is a fact. Life is short inspires pressure more than it inspires victory, for every 1 person who gets victory there are 99 others who succumb and feel mentally and physically exhausted from buying into this. Life is VERY, VERY long. There is no need to rush.

The best way you will actually win is by taking a long stroll, while everyone else runs around in circles never to win a race they will be in all their lives. You can win this race by not even being a part of it, they are racing around in boats that keep on breaking down one after the other, and they hope on the first boat they can find, crashing into each other, trying to impede each other anytime they can, pretending they are “friends” and such, and just turning on each other anytime they think they can get an advantage. They are all racing to the same goal – Personal satisfaction. They will never reach it, because they won’t consider there are other options, they are ignorant to it, they are so ignorant that they “think” they are having a great time, but why be so apathetic? You are in this race as well, but you have different motivations. You are on one boat, then another boat and another with all these people you get to know, and they only have personal satisfaction in mind, and they single you out as “different” because you have far more than personal satisfaction in mind, you think WE CAN ALL WIN.

Everyone else on the boat is single minded, they like to “think” they are all for one and one for all, but they really aren’t, not even really close. When the boat crashes, they kick up a strop and get onto the next one they can find, but you are different – you have been shattered. This is because my friend you aren’t supposed to be on a boat – you are supposed to walk. The long, casual, more often than not lonely walk. But while all these people will be getting more arrogant about how “advanced” they are and blaming each other for crashing the boats, over and over, you will be advancing slowly, but surely, by foot. These people will have gotten so used to jumping on the boat as soon as they get an opportunity that they will never think there is another way. That is your problem, you don’t think there is another way, and it’s not because you are lazy or dumb or anything, it’s jsut you haven’t met anyone who’s told you there’s another way yet. The other way wins, because you get to do a lot of thinking, you get more comfortable with who you are, you learn how much full of crap so many people really are, and you reach your destination, and though it takes longer than you wish, it doesn’t really take that long and it just isn’t fun when you are still in the habit of thinking you should be jumping on one of those boats, “like you should be”, once you get over the habit and get used to this new habit, you can do f*cking anything, even more than you ever dreamed of. But you have to get used to you and being comfortable with you walking, because then you can find the car that is left there for you, and you can just smoothly drive the rest of the way 🙂