Just a picture

A while ago, if I saw this picture, I would have been like “WHOOOOOOOAH”.

I just saw it now, and said “Exactly”.

We are really what the picture depicts we really are. We are capable of anything. I firmly believe that the more we are battered, that we are just seeing how much we can really take.

But this isn’t the goal, this is what the result WILL be, the goal is just recovery. That is it. Start slow, keep it simple “I need me to be well”, and then you start stuff flowing to you. But if you need the result, there it is, and if I haven’t already, I will be writing further on WHY this is the truth. Most of the stuff I have written thus far has been a big FUCK YOU to the bullies. That is not my main goal with this site. That is only part of my goal. I want to make you stronger than you ever dreamed. But that’s the thing again, I’M not doing anything, I just have a website, YOU are masters of your life, your destiny, I just have an interest in believing in you, because only good people hurt, because they care about more than themselves.

You don’t get hurt if you don’t care about human beings.