WHY is this happening? Why can’t this woman find a decent looking man who likes her back? Is she ugly?  or just Very Unlucky?

Please tell me why this woman has never had ONE decent looking man in her life who asked her out and showed interest in her?
She was only approached by ugly, very old, and creepy men.
Her family, friends, acquaintances tell her she is pretty but she CAN’T believe that anymore
All those hideous, perverted men who chase and harass her all the time tell her she is gorgeous too
but NO handsome man has ever told her that and has never
asked her for a date
What is wrong with her?
Is she unattractive?
Please explain why she can’t attract a good looking man even ONCE in her life?Personality wise she is an angel but this is irrelevant anyway
because I am talking about INITIAL attraction BEFORE people
get to know each other’s personalities
I am talking about walking into a classroom for example at the university
and just based on appearance solely
have 10 disgusting men, even the professors who are 50 or 60
turn their heads and start ogling her and trying to grab her attention
which makes her feel really sad and depressed
but at the same time all the handsome men in the class
act as if she is not even there. They even avoid her or
don’t look at her directly.Why is this happening?
Is she ugly?

Additional Update:
But I am talking about INITIAL attraction as I said.The men who hit on her DON’T even get to know her personality.They just see her and based on her looks they harass her while the men SHE wants just ignore her,again WITHOUT even giving her the chance to show them her nice personality.NO she never hangs out with creeps, quite the opposite. It’s just that THEY always find her and chase her even if she is constantly avoiding them. She is like a magnet for them even if she does NOT want to be.
Well there is a narcissistic cycle to everything, everything links up, so all this stuff about why these people come to her is because there are vibes that she subconsciously sends out that “invites” them in, they are “invited” in because they sense a perceived weakness in this girl. There really isn’t any, but the subconscious has been warped from being FOR her to being AGAINST her. Let’s say for example this happens to this girl 5 times every week, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday etc. And let’s say, 52 weeks in a row. So this would happen 260 times in the year. Even the first time would be enough to hit the subconscious, the guy is creepy, totally makes her wretch, so that is one moment of the subconscious being “afraid”. Now let me state this perfectly clearly, it isn’t a weak subconscious, it is MANIPULATED to be “weak” by this creepy guy who invades the boundaries. Just a look can do it, just being in the presence can do it as well. So that is one time this girls boundaries are treated like a “weakness”, and the subconsciousness takes this to be a weakness in this girl. It isn’t really a weakness, remember, it has been MANIPULATED to be a weakness, when this guy invades the boundaries. So just when this happens once, it opens a door so to speak. Creepy predators have a “sense” for this kind of uneasiness. So after 1 creep invades the boundaries, the second creeps feels like he has been “invited” to invade the boundaries. Not one of them have been invited, this is why she is freaked out, because she knows she doesn’t want this attention, but her subconscious is AWARE of this kind of attention. Since the subconscious is aware, this is taken by these predators as being an invite to interact with the girl. So the more it happens, the more it becomes regular. As each creep invades the boundaries, it sends a signal to the subconscious “you invited me”, so her subconscious is working against her now, because the girl knows she doesn’t want any of this attention, but as each projection from these guys is made, the implication made from their projection is “you did this”, so that goes to the subconscious where it thinks “I did this”. So the very first time this ever happened, an implication was sent over from this guys ego via projection because he decided out of thin air that this was his right to do this kind of thing. So the thought from his subconscious that goes into your subconscious is “I am right”, because he has decided in his mind that he is right. So since he is “right”, and his ego gives him the right to throw projection on you, and ego is powerful, because all ignorance knows is a thirst for power, the power of the projection hits the girls subconscious and since the power of ignorance is more FORCEFUL than just being damn normal, the message of “I’m right” over powers the subconscious thought of this girl, so if “they’re right”, that must mean this girl “is wrong”.
There is no wrong in the girls subconscious, but any abuse in any kind of form always comes with the implication that “you brought this on yourself”, so that gets sent to the subconscious. So now the subconscious is made vulnerable to the idea that the girl “brings it on herself”, and is open.
So all the other creepy little predators can just sense this shit, so while they harass her the implication from their ego says “you brought this on yourself”, because ego ALWAYS twists things around to suit the perspective of the person using the ego, so every time there is any kind of victim in a scenario, the victim is always “wrong”, because the power of ego (remember, all ignorance/ego desires nothing but power, and it will do it by force, to “prove” who’s “strong”) uses power because it always must be right in the mind.So it just keeps on happening, because there is a message in the subconscious that “you deserve this” that is going in every single time it happens, it started when the very first of these guys “decided” in his mind she deserved it, and the creepy f**kers who operate the same can see an “opening”, so they can all hide behind the totally biased logic that “she brought it on herself”. So every time it happens, because it has happened, this implication gets sent over, this is why this girl thinks something is “wrong” with her. There is nothing wrong with her at all, but now her mind is playing tricks on her. I would gather that deep deep down she has a fear that she secretly likes this attention, not consciously, but subconsciously. This is how alot of men get women, you hear about the thrill of the chase and so on, women who love being chased love being chased because their subconscious has been manipulated to “think” they like being chased, and it has been manipulated because of men who when they do the chasing send over the message “you like this”. So this girl keeps on getting these creepy guys after her, because every time they invade her boundaries it gets a little more manipulated.So the problem with meeting any eligible men is this, her subconscious is affected from these creepos who are causing her great consternation. From the first creepo, it opened the fllodates, and predators can sense this stuff, so now they all feel like she “invites” this on herself. She doesn’t, but that’s ego you see, it decides to suit it’s own view that it harbors a good person in it, that “she brings it on herself”. So this is all she gets attention wise, because each time one of these creeps pays her attention, it causes her a great bit of trauma (all the frustration involved in that), but we never look at the subconscious. That is the thing that has been affected the most out of everything, because it has been turned against her to make her think “she brings it on herself”. Now I am gathering from the way you have written it, there is A LOT of anger about this, this is because the soul is angry. The girls soul knows she doesn’t want this kind of attention. But her subconscious “thinks” she does, because each implication says “you want it”, and ignorance is powerful, because it forces it’s way in.

I hope I didn’t lose you during this lol, I just wanted to make sure I got everything written down and went rambling on at bits because of it. I say this not to frighten, I say this to enlighten. Knowledge is power, tell this girl this stuff, if it makes sense (and I think it will, someday at least) she can change her subconscious thoughts. I have found that the best way to change subconscious thoughts is to JUDGE who is responsible. These “men” send over this psychological implication, and the girls subconscious is overpowered by it every time, because it doesn’t seek power, it just seeks love. So that is a “weakness” right there. It’s a strength, but a strength that has been manipulated into being a weakness. So the soul seeks love but it knows what kind of love it wants, but the subconscious says “you like this”, so it’s extra frustrating because of this. Program little messages to send to the subconscious, think them constantly, and regularly, but in a way that feels unforceful and natural to her, peaceful, friendly, totally make it like something that isn’t INVADING her, because there are so many stigma’s around the world and sending conscious messages to the subconscious would be considered “insane” or whatever, so that is another subconscious thought to get over, but she can get over all of this, reprogram the subconscious thoughts. The subconscious says regarding these men “you bring it on yourself” (because they FORCE that message into it) so tell her to say “they decided to do it”. Subconscious says “secretly you like it”, so tell her to say “no I don’t”. But I wouldn’t even gives these kinds of messages in these sentences, sentences are open to interpretation, they can be dissected and go into too many avenues. Just a word, a single word that gives a direction. I would suggest JUDGE. Judge is simple, it is a direct message, it is the right message (this girl should not be thinking that this is something she is responsible for, any of it, this only happened because these creepy men decided “it was okay”, so the subconscious was TOLD “it’s okay”. So she isn’t responsible, believe it or not), she should be judging these men, and not internalizing everything that comes with who they are. Judge, she doesn’t have to judge, but it is a simple direct message to send to the subconscious that “she doesn’t bring it on herself”, you see the subconscious has been manipulated to “think” that in some way or all of it this is her problem, so it is JUDGING HERSELF, when the right course of action is to judge these men.

So that message should do the trick, tell her to keep repeating it, she has been subconsciously saying “what is wrong with me” for a very long time so keep telling her to send this message, the more she looks at herself because of these creeps, that is her judging herself. The ANGER about all of this comes from the SOUL, because it KNOWS that she isn’t the problem, but the subconscious says “but it must be you…”.
So i probably lost you again and I apologize for the brain fart, just in summary, tell this girl to use that word, because the subconscious is judging herself, when it should be judging these men. Now she won’t be going around judging everyone, but she will be reprogramming her subconscious that “it is 100% them”, and she won’t be encumbered with these kinds of thoughts anymore. So these men will either stop eventually one day, or she will have absolutely no bother with these men, they won’t invade her the way they currently do, she will be immune to them. Believe it or not, we can do absolutely anything, and we can turn absolute hell into absolute heaven, we just aren’t interested on this planet to help each other out, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Keep the word JUDGE circulating, it tells the subconscious to stop judging herself, and to judge these people, and anyone else in her life that invades her boundaries too. Beat the manipulated subconscious, and you can beat anything 🙂
So while the subconsious has been manipulated to think it “likes” this kind of attention, she is overly aware of this kind of attention, so can’t sent out positive vibes to those she actually wants attention off, because the negative vibes off who she don’t want attention off dominate.  Reprogramme the subconscious thoughts and things will go into place, because believe it or not, the longer this goes on, the more she entertains the idea that she could like this kind of attention.
Now that I think of it I could have explained the theory why she “likes” it better.  You see, the more she thinks about this, even once, that is the subconscious TAKING RESPONSIBILITY, as if this whole thing is her problem in the first place, it is her responsibility to figure all of this out, after all, she can’t prove that these guys did all of this stuff, because scumbags hide behind everything, but they do their biggest damage on the subconsious.  Every single one of these fuckers should be doing all this thinking about the parts they played, every one of them, but instead she does all the thinking, as if “it’s her responsibility”.  So the subconscious as it thinks, it’s like it is taking responsibility for it all, and is judging itself as the person who should be figuring everything out.  So as she judges herself to be the one to figure it out, she is totally judging herself and not judging the people that are external to her that cause this mayhem.  So that word JUDGE gives a clear message to the subconscious, for the person to stop judging herself, and to judge the parties who should be judged.